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Best Kidney Stone Treatment


Kidney stones are minute stones of various sizes which form in the kidney or ureter. One or more stones form at a time and it cause unbearable pain when it blocks the passage, though it remains unnoticed for a long time.

Minerals like calcium, oxalate and uric acid when not get dissolved in the urine form crystals and become kidney stones. Kidney stones form when the volume of urine decreases. Drinking inadequate volume of water and the subsequent dehydration is a major risk factor in kidney stone formation.

Pain in the abdomen or back, Pain spreading to the groin area or testicles, Blood in the urine, Nausea or vomiting, Burning sensation during urination.

Our effective treatment for kidney stone has an impeccable result. With our unique medicine, we treat all types of kidney stone. The recurrence of the stone, which is common in many other treatments is completely avoided in Diawin Siddha Treatment. We treat stones of any type and size successfully. In the same way we treat gall bladder stone also.

• Renal calculi (kidney stone), renal cortical cyst can be cured
• According to the size & location of the calculus only need 5 to 10 days of treatment is required.
• No surgery
• No recurrence of renal calculi
• No pain during treatment
• No side effects