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Piles, also known as hemorrhoids is the inflammation and swelling of the veins in anal canal. Itching, constipation, bleeding and burning sensation are the general symptoms of the disease. Though Siddha System shows 21 types of piles, generally it is classified into internal and external piles. Internal piles can’t be felt and is generally painless while external piles can be felt around the anus and is painful.

Sedentary lifestyle or frequent travel, Constipation, Frequent stomach disorders like diarrhea, Delaying response to bowel movements, Using alcohol and cigarettes, Less fiber content in food.


Diawin Siddha Treatment for Piles

Good lifestyle prevents the disease. Piles is a easily curable disease in the siddha system of medicine. Laxatives, Ointment, Fumigation and herbals are used with 100% result. Using high fiber content food, taking oil bath, avoiding foods which causes constipation and stomach problems and frequent bowel cleaning are highly recommended to prevent piles.